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How To Order Your custom ninja course

Follow the visual steps below to view your options

Then fill out the form at the bottom and submit to receive an estimate in your email inbox

Step ONE

The first step is to choose a Basic Rig Style. View the photos to see your choices

If choosing a combination, click all that apply on the form

Ninja Mini (MonkeyBar Rig)
LaChe Rig
Double LaChe Rig
Hybrid Rig
Devil Steps

Step Two

If this is a combination unit will it be In-Line or Side by Side?

View photos to see your choices

In-Line Rigs
Side by Side Rigs
Triple Side by Side Rigs

Step Three

Accessorize. Add all the obstacles you want. View photos to see your choices

Cliff hangers and Rock grabs are standard on all units

Hanging Rings

Salmon Ladder

Climbing Rope

Unstable Bridges

Trapeze Bars



Tarzan Ropes

Peg Receivers